Jul 222011

So, Tuska Open Air is coming up. It’s been a year since a did my first concert shoot with Bloodbath.















A year of learning by doing, A year of thousands of bad pictures, and a few good one as well ;) .

This time I’ll be going with Katatonia, so Sodo will be on stage this year too, and the best part is of course , I can shoot the entire Katatonia gig, not just 2-3 songs. And that is awesome, I’m totally excited, it’s gonna be so much fun. I just love when I get opportunities like this, it’s so cool, the whole photo pit for my self.

But the scary thing is, have I improved at all, can I take better photos this year, I feel no pressure, no pressure at all, or maybe NOT ;) but what the hell, it’s gonna  be awesome anyway.




Some photos from last summer, I dragged him around all day and forced him to pose for me =). These pictures were taken just before the U.S. tour with Katatonia. I had totally forgotten that I had them. Sodo looks amazing, I think…… Sodomizer at the Graveyard here…

Apr 242011

Looking through my photos from Bloodbath at theTuskafestival 2010, I have probably 400 of them.

I will post some here later, backstage photos and the concert.

I also have a lot of photos of Daniel Liljekvist that I will be working on. Most of them will be used as promo-pics for the sponsors,

but I also have some other realy good pictures of Danne that I will post here later on.

Sodo helps his father with the boat today, and I’m home alone, and then I might as well work with some pictures =)

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