So finally here’s the photos of the Katatonia gig at Göta Källare Stockholm. I took so many pictures that I had to split it in two albums. The first album is from Set 1, and you can watch it here.

The second album is fom Set 2, with all the guests, Mattias “Kryptan” Norrman, Fredrik “North” Norrman, Krister Linder, Frank DeFault, and Guillaume Le Huche, you can watch it here. Enjoy =)


So, finaly some photos from Tuska, thank you Katatonia and my sweet “Sodomizer” for an awesome festival…… lots of more KatatoniaPics here

Jul 222011

So, Tuska Open Air is coming up. It’s been a year since a did my first concert shoot with Bloodbath.















A year of learning by doing, A year of thousands of bad pictures, and a few good one as well ;) .

This time I’ll be going with Katatonia, so Sodo will be on stage this year too, and the best part is of course , I can shoot the entire Katatonia gig, not just 2-3 songs. And that is awesome, I’m totally excited, it’s gonna be so much fun. I just love when I get opportunities like this, it’s so cool, the whole photo pit for my self.

But the scary thing is, have I improved at all, can I take better photos this year, I feel no pressure, no pressure at all, or maybe NOT ;) but what the hell, it’s gonna  be awesome anyway.




Some photos from last summer, I dragged him around all day and forced him to pose for me =). These pictures were taken just before the U.S. tour with Katatonia. I had totally forgotten that I had them. Sodo looks amazing, I think…… Sodomizer at the Graveyard here…


I brought my camera down to the rehearsal studio and spent a day with the guys. Katatonia rehearsal-photos here



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