Pain did a great gig with an amazing light show, lots of fire and so on, haha, loved it!!!!  Photos here…



This band saved my day/night at Rockstad. Entombed!!!!  More photos of Entombed here




May 072011

Here are some pictures from the backstage area at the Tuska Festival 2010. It was really fun to hang out with the guys, they are all really nice. Loved to see how well they treated their fans. Mike was so patient and talked to everyone who came and had their picture taken with him. And it was cool to see one of the few gigs that Bloodbath made last year, lucky me….

Take a look at the BackstagePics here


Hellsingland Underground, this was a really fun experience, had never heard of them before, but it turned out that they were simply wonderful, a really good live band. I enjoyed every minute. See for yourself here





Nicke Borg, the singer of Backyard Babies with his solo project Homeland. More pics here


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