Oct 112011

Great band, great guys!!!! WITCHERY   The WitcheryPics here…..



Some more pics from Tuska Open Air, had a great sunday with Meshuggah. They are really humble, nice guys and I was so well treated . And the best of course, they let me shoot the entire gig, from the stage as well and I was able to get some close-ups of Tomas Haake. So Meshuggah, thank’s so much for letting me crawl around the stage with you …. The MeshuggahPics are here….


So, finaly some photos from Tuska, thank you Katatonia and my sweet “Sodomizer” for an awesome festival…… lots of more KatatoniaPics here


Some photos from last summer, I dragged him around all day and forced him to pose for me =). These pictures were taken just before the U.S. tour with Katatonia. I had totally forgotten that I had them. Sodo looks amazing, I think…… Sodomizer at the Graveyard here…

Jun 232011

My Dear Addiction. I helped a friend to shoot this band at Rockstad Falun. A band with a lot of attitude and easy to shoot, I like this pics… take a look…


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