It all started with the Finnish festival Tuska Open Air,  Bloodbath played and I wanted to shoot the concert. I had no idea what I was doing, but I loved it. The guys let me shoot the hole consort trough, it was crazy, all the energy,  I was totally happy.
So now I’m just trying to take every opportunity to shoot gigs. Bad lighting, backlighting, the unpredictability, all that just makes it more exciting.
I have no expensive equipment, I make the most of what I have and just try to have as much fun as possible.
I shoot a lot of other things as well, people I like (a lot of photos of my beloved Sodomizer), flowers, everyday life.
I read, listen to music, hanging out with “Sodo” when he’s at home, and I love experiment  with my photos in photoshop.I love to meet people who surprise me, who say or do things I had not expected, things that make me think, things that inspire me, and make me want to know more, people who say things that bewilder me or at least upsets me. I want to feel something….                                                                                                                                                              I just want to do what makes me happy…….  that’s all











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